Scientific program of the 8th International Workshop "Ultra Cold & Cold Neutrons. Physics & Sources".
(11-21 of June 2011)

Future PNPI neutron facilities
Valery FedorovHigh flux reactor PIK to be at PNPI. Scientific program
Anatoly SerebrovUCN supersource at PNPI and fundamental physics program
Electric dipole moment
Peter GeltenbortnEDM experiment at ILL
Takeyasu ItoThe Search for a Neutron EDM at the SNS
Yasuhiro MasudaA new neutron EDM measurement
Evady KolomenskyStatus of PNPI-ILL nEDM experiment
Stefan StuiberMagnetic shielding for the new measument of the EDM
Valery FedorovA search for nEDM and new constraints on short-range "pseudo-magnetic" interaction using neutron optics of noncentrosymmetric crystals
Oleg SushkovMechanisms for effects of electron EDM in solids. How to improve theoretical accuracy
Bernd TaubenheimA novel approach to measure the electric dipole moment of 129Xenon
Dark matter and long range interaction
Anatoly SerebrovTrap with ultracold neutrons as a detector of dark matter particles with long-range forces
Mikhail OneginOne possible mechanism of Dark matter accumulation in the Solar system
Iosif KhriplovichCapture of dark matter by the solar system
Elena PitjevaEstimations of additional advances of planet perihelia, non-simulated by GR, and other effects from observations of planets and spacecraft
Oleg ZherebtsovSearch for long-range forces of a neutron and atoms with a trap of ultracold neutrons
Dmitry PushinNeutron interferometric precision measurement of the n-4He scattering length
Yuri PokotilovskiNeutron experiments to search for new spin-dependent forces
Bastian MaerkischBeta Asymmetry Measurement in Neutron Decay with PERKEO III
Albert YoungBeta-decay Angular Correlation Measurements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Gordon JonesaCORN: a CORrelation in Neutron Decay
Related topics
Alexander FrankAccelerating Medium Effect from UCNs to neutrinos
Vladimir VoroninEotvisch-type experiment with cold neutron. Study of the method sensitivity
German KulinStatus of new experiment for test of the equivalence principle with UCN
Christian Plonka-SpehrContinuing investigations of an optical device for ultra-cold neutrons
Yuri PokotilovskiNeutron levels on curved surfaces
Gunther CronenbergResonance Spectroscopy with Gravitationally Bound Neutrons
UCN sources
Arcady ZakharovDesign of new ultracold neutron source at PNPI
Dmitriy AgeiskiyFull-scale model of UCN source with superfluid helium at PNPI
Kichiji HatanakaKEK-RCNP super-thermal UCN source
Kent LeungSUN2: a new, versatile, helium-based UCN source. First UCN production results
Yuri SobolevStatus of the UCN sources at the TRIGA Mainz reactor
Muhammad ArifNeutron Physics at NIST
Konstantin MukhinCryogenic neutron moderator on mesitylene pellets for IBR-2 reactor
Anatoly SerebrovNew evaluation of neutron lifetime from UCN storage experiments and beam experiments
Alexey FominMC simulation of the neutron lifetime experiment with big gravitational trap
Peter GeltenbortMambo II
Victor EzhovStatus of neutron lifetime measuring in magneto-gravitational trap of permanent magnets
Christian TietzePENeLOPE a precise neutron lifetime experiment using magneto-gravitationally trapped UCN and proton detection
Kent LeungProgress towards neutron lifetime measurements with the HOPE magnetic UCN trap
Gaudenz KesslerA magnetic trap for ultracold neutrons
Kenji MishimaNeutron lifetime experiment with pulsed neutron beam at J-PARC
Kenji MishimaActivities at J-PARC, UCN production by a Doppler shifter and its control
Victor EzhovUCN adiabatic cooling
Charles ClarkSlow neutron detection without helium 3
Peter GeltenbortWater hoses as UCN guides
Peter GeltenbortSANS with VCN Mambo II
Thomas LefortA novel fast UCN detector based on the 6Li doped glass scintillators