Dear Colleagues!

    We plan to hold the upcoming workshop for 11 days (10 nights) from the 11th(boarding from 11th till 13th) to the 21th (disembarkation from 19th till 21th) of June, 2011 in St. Petersburg.
    It is possible to arrive from 11th till 13th of June and to leave from 19th till 21th of June.
    Besides sharing scientific experiences you will be able to visit two capitals of Russia - Moscow, the mail capital and St. Petersburg -the "Noth" capital during its white Nights.
    The scientific program consists of two sessions:

 I  Physics with ultracold and cold neutrons.
  • Neutron Electric Dipole Moment;
  • Neutron Life Time;
  • Asymmetry in the neutron beta-decay;
  • Physics beyond the Standard Model; ба-violation in the Kabayashi-Maskava matrix;
  • Neutron - Antineutron Oscillations; Neutron - Mirror-neutron Oscillations;
  • Experiments with cold neutrons;
  • Parity nonconservation in nuclear forces at low energies;
  • Accompanying topics:
        - Electric Dipole Moment of atoms and molecules;
        - Cosmological aspects of neutron fundamental studies;
 II  Ultracold and cold neutron sources.
  • UCN in the world;
  • New UCN sources;
  • Cold neutron sources in the world;
  • New projects of cold neutron sources;
  • Progress in neutron cold moderators;
  • Materials for cold neutron production;
  • Cryogenic equipment for cold neutron sources;
  • Neutron guide systems;
  • Safety problems

    The price of the cruise is 1200 Euro, and The registration fee is 200 Euro for participants (100 Euro for accompanying persons). It covers the transportation from/to airport, rent of conference halls, publication of the conference materials in electronic form, coffee breaks and others.