5-th International Workshop


5-th International Workshop


5-th International Workshop


"Opening Section"

N. RamseyWelcoming speech for Workshop
D. VarshalovichPhysical constants: Were they changing in the course of cosmological evolution
D. DubbersNeutron decay
M. CooperStatus of the Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline at the SNS
M. KozlovEnhancement of the electron EDM in atoms, molecules, and crystals

Section "Neutron EDM"

A. SerebrovMulti- chamber EDM Spectrometer. Status 2005
M. CooperResearch and Development towards a Neutron EDM Experiment at the SNS.
I. KhriplovichVariations on Electric Dipole Moments
V. VoroninNeutron optics and EDM experiment
N. DovatorMagnetometer system for Multichamber EDM spectrometer
J. LongHigh-Voltage Test Apparatus for a Neutron EDM Experiment in Superfluid Helium

Section " EDM of atoms & molecules"

O. SushkovA suggested search for 207Pb nuclear Schiff moment in PbTiO3 ferroelectric
A. LeanhardtAn electron EDM search using trapped molecular ions
Chen- Yu LiuProgress report on a measurement of the electric dipole moment of electron using a solid state system
B. SauerMeasurement of the electron edm using YbF molecules
B. KerbikovPhysics of Ultracold Fermionic Atoms

Section" Related topics"

W. Scott WilburnStatus of NPDGamma experiment
Yu. AlexandrovExperimental improvement of Neutron Electric Charge Estimation
A. TitovAb initio study of P,T-parity violation effects in polar heavy-atom molecules
A. Prozorov,
L. Labzowski
The highly charged ion beam polarization as a tool for the search for the P- and P,T-odd effects
V. DzubaAccurate calculations for many-electron atoms and search for variation of fundamental constants

Section "Neutron Beta-decay"

A. SerebrovNeutron beta-decay program of PNPI
M. DeweyMeasurement of the neutron lifetime by counting trapped protons in a cold neutron beam
V. VarlamovNeutron lifetime experiment with gravitational trap and with low temperature fomblin (LTF) coating
T. ShimaBig bang nucleosynthesis with new data of the neutron lifetime
A. FominMC calculations with UCN storage traps
Liang YangProgress towards Precision Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime using Magnetically Trapped Ultracold Neutrons (UCN)
V. EzhovUCN storage in the magnetic trap from permanent magnet
A. MullerThe PENELOPE Project
G. BunatianStandard Model treatment of the radiative corrections to the neutron decay
D. MundThe electron asymmetry A with Perkeo II - Recent results
B. MaerkirshNew Perkeo spectrometer
A.R. YoungThe UCNA experiment to measure the beta-asymmetry of the neutron using UCN)

Section "UCN interaction with matter"

A. SerebrovProblem of UCN anomalous losses and possible solution
Yu. PokotilovskyUCN loss anomaly and possible way to decrease UCN losses in traps
New results on low energy transfer at UCN reflection from solid surface
L. BondarenkoInelastic cross section measured by nY analysis method
B. KerbikovTime Evolution of UCN Wave Packet in a Trap
T. TudorovskiyOn the Optical Potential for a System of Point-Like Scatterers. An Application to Ultracold Neutrons

Section "Sources"

W. SchmidUCN project at the TRIGA Mainz
A. ScheuerConstructional design of the UCN planned for the FRM II
E. Gutsmiedl (Speaker: A. Scheuer)Commisioning of the cold source at the FRM-II
M. UtsuroA preliminary study on the performance of CD4 and ortho-D2 as VCN moderator material
V. MityukhlyaevPNPI experience of Cold and Ultracold Neutron Sources
A. ZakharovSubcooled Thermosiphon for Cold Neutron Source
N. MasrieraGeneral Approach to safety and protection of a cold nutron sourceDesign of OPAL CNS, for ANSTO, Australia
Feng Quanke,
Feng Shen
Development of Cold Neutron Source in CARR" (preliminary title)
Chen-Yu LiuSolid Oxygen as a Ultra-Cold Neutron Source
A. SallaskaCharacterization of Ultracold Neutron Detectors at the ILL
Open discussionWho knows how really a neutron looks like?